Why Our Brides Love PASS!!


First came prints, then came albums, followed by the CD and eventually the DVD. Photographers have always made use of the most innovative technology available to deliver their images to their clients, and that progress hasn’t stalled at the DVD. The humble disc is so last year, and with good reason.

Many new computers are now being sold without a DVD drive! Manufacturers point to the mass availability and ease of online storage, plus the increased use of USB devices as reusable methods for swapping information between machines. DVDs perhaps have a place as an archive medium, but then again they are susceptible to scratches or fire damage and even if they are stored safely they have a life span after which the data on them could be lost. And the advent of truly mobile handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets has put the final nail in the coffin of the DVD.

So how should we get our clients’ beautiful photos to them? Our solution? PASS.

PASS is a fantastic image delivery and sharing system that has a huge host of benefits for both photographer and client. We’ve been seriously impressed with PASS since its first incarnation last year, and the new updated system is even more incredible. It’a a system designed for the “shoot and share” photographer, which I certainly see myself as. I like my clients to receive a set of hand-edited images that they can keep, print and (most importantly) share! I want to see my photos popping up on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instragram and Twitter, because my clients want to show them off. My business model is set up so that the client pays for my time and expertise. I want them to have the digital images.

So for my clients and my business, PASS is brilliant. The moment I have finished editing a set of images I can simply drag and drop them into PASS, which will then build a beautiful gallery for my client. Seriously, the gallery design and layout is stunning.

PASS then gives me the ability to password protect the gallery, so only those in the know can view the images. Once in, my clients can login (either via Facebook or with a free PASS account) and download the entire set of images or just their favourites, with a couple of clicks of their mouse. Or, they can share the photos straight to a variety of social media using the toolbar at the side of the gallery. Furthermore, their friends and family can view, share and download individual images, or I can turn off this option and just let them view the photos.

We are especially thrilled that the PRINT option is now available.  Our clients can purchase professional photo lab quality Gift Prints in sizes 4×6, 5×7 or 8×12 directly through their personalized PASS gallery using PayPal or credit card using PASS’s secure server.  The prints are shipped directly to your home, ready for gift giving or framing.  PASS has negotiated fabulous pricing for these high-quality prints (I have used this professional photo lab for many years!  You will be amazed at the quality of these lustre finish prints.)

PASS galleries can be viewed on most mediums — computers, I-Phones, I-Pads, tablets, etc.



The gallery will stay active and fully functional for an entire year, during which time the photos can be viewed, downloaded and shared as many times as you wish. At the end of the year I or my clients (they are their photos after all) have the option to extend the life of the gallery for $29 (US), otherwise the images will go into cold storage and be safely tucked away in the cloud for at least 10 years. During that time they can be accessed again for a year for another $29 (US), again resetting the cold storage duration too.

I really couldn’t be happier with PASS – it’s revolutionised the way I deliver clients’ images to them and the way they view and share their photos, on-line, safe & secure, from anywhere  — we are so excited to be adding this option to our product line!

PASS – A new way to share your photos from Shoot & Share on Vimeo.


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