Top Ten Tips For Brides


In the run-up to your wedding, drink LOTS of water.  With all that running around it would be easy to get dehydrated.  Make sure that on the morning of your wedding, you have a couple of glasses of water as you may be drinking a tiny bit of champagne later on … well, maybe a glass or two.

Champagne Glasses with Bridal Party edited

Delegate a couple of helpers.  With two well-organized people to oversee and deal with any unexpected hitches on your wedding day, you do not need the added stress.  As long as they have their phones close by, and are great at handling bumps in the road, you’ll be just dandy.

Weddings are wonderful family occasions but they can also bring a lot of stress.  This can lead to family tension and conflict.  If this happens and your patience is being tested, just remember that your day simply cannot be spoilt by anybody.  Grab your new husband and give him a big kiss and relax.  If either of you are stressed out, just take 10 minutes and have a walk or sneak off together for some time away from the masses. (Let your photographer hustle you away for some secluded moments — we’re good at running interference for these types of situations).


Take a few pairs of shoes.  If your wedding photographer is anything like me, there is a good chance they will want to take the bride and groom off somewhere for some interesting portraits.  This may involve some walking or going off the beaten track (just a little.)  Often it’s a good idea to have some funky sandals or comfy shoes to change into for the walk — then slip back into your wedding shoes for the photos.

Always eat breakfast.  No matter how tired or nervous you are, it is essential that you don’t faint while walking down the aisle.  The odd romantic swoon can be acceptable but complete unconsciousness will put a real damper on the mood.

Do a timeline.  If you’re unsure of what will happen on the day with regards to photography, catering, confetti and all the other myriad of things to plan, then complile a list with the times alongside.  This will help you to sync the caterers, photographer, DJ, etc. as well as yourselves.  Remember to add extra timing at every stage of the day.  It is nearly impossible to move around without family and friends wanting to stop to chat with you.  If you have any questions, just ask us.  We have a standard wedding timeline available for download.

Always take a emergency kit.  Usually the issue will be about the dress — someone stepped on the train or the hook & eye came off, etc.  Fill a small travel bag that can go with you from the ceremony right though the end of the evening.    Our Wedding Day Emergency Kit items can be downloaded here.

Brides — don’t forget the fun.  Yes, you want to have all the special moments captured.  But consider having some fun items, like great signage, play some games at the cocktail party or reception, and most important, create some special wedding photography opportunities that express who you are, i.e. funny glasses with big noses for all of the wedding party, or have a wedding pinata, or something that has special meaning for you and your new husband!

Bridal preparations and photography:  It’s always nice to get some shots of the bride and bridesmaids just having a big chill before the dress goes on.  I like those informal shots of the ladies having a drink and a giggle together.

And finally a few photography tips for brides (I just can’t help myself).  Firstly and most importantly, choose a photographer who you can have a laugh with.  On your wedding day, it’s surprising how long you spend with us.  We need to like each other.  Finally, please be sure to tell us any ideas that you have for your pictures.  You may like a vintage feel or something more simple and elegant.  Some brides love black and white photography.  Make sure that you let us know what you like.  We LOVE Pinterest for this reason. We suggest setting up a Pinterest account and start a board of your wedding photography ideas.  Then don’t forget to shoot us over the link so that we can poke around and see what images “move” you. We’d love you to follow us!  It will help us plan your wedding day photos!

Most of all — Enjoy Your Wedding Day!  It flies by in a moment, and the only thing that you have left after the day is over is your professionally created photographs and albums.




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