Tips For Selecting Your Wedding Vows


The great thing about wedding vows is that they do not have to follow certain rules — they can be as long or as short as you wish.

You have the freedom to say them in front of the guests at your ceremony or say them in an intimate situation to only your spouse.  You may choose not to write your own vows and choose to have a traditional ceremony with the officiant guiding you with what to say.  The choices are endless.

For many couples, short wedding vows are often the best choice.  A quick ceremony may require shorter vows; however, a longer ceremony may also use shorter vows especially if the other traditions in the ceremony take a long time to complete.

Outline with Short Phrases

The easiest way to create short wedding vows is to create your “vows outline” using short phrases.  Then these can become the body of your vows.  If you have a rough idea of what you want for your wedding vows, it will be easier to write them down and to say them.  (Often couples breakdown in tears when reciting their vows to each other during the ceremony.)

Use Emotion

Many couples are against using short wedding vows because they tend to sound emotionless but this is not necessarily true.  Writing short vows does not mean that you cannot use meaningful words and phrases.

Even longer wedding vows that drag on can lose emotion so it is really best to find a balance that works for you and your spouse.  One tip, for couples planning to write shorter vows, is to use many adjectives and expressions that help get your points across without dragging out your vows.

Get Recommendations from Your Officiant

If you really want to include short wedding vows because your wedding ceremony is going to be thirty minutes or less, ask your officiant if there is a ceremony that works better for incorporating shorter vows.  He or she may be able to help you with the actual writing of your vows as they probably have experience with all lengths of ceremonies.

We also recommend meeting with your officiant well in advance of your wedding date.  Make sure that both of you attend this meeting so that you both are on the same page for the length of the ceremony.  Your officiant will be able to provide a format that works best for the ceremony you are planning.

It is possible to create well-written wedding vows that have meaning, are not too long and express your individuality and personality.



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