Essential Ideas to Formulate Your Wedding Theme


You cannot start shopping for the entire elements of your wedding without deciding on the wedding theme.  Sure, you can always opt for a “traditional” wedding without any striking elements that are uniquely “you.”

However, many couples opt to make their big day more special by incorporating antics that tell their love story.  Every element — from the decorations to the favours — plays a significant part, and this is something that you can incorporate if you want your wedding to exude uniqueness and meaning.  Well, there’s always Pinterest if you run out of ideas.

Where do we start?  Let’s first collect your ideas so that we can have a list to start the basis of your wedding theme.

Envision the Day

When thinking of a wedding theme, the best start is the end!  How do you visualize your wedding day?  You may already have had long-time day-dreams of this special day since before you even fell in love.  Well, if you can’t make up your mind, start thinking of the place where you can imagine saying the “I dos” with your groom.

Is is at the beach, in a garden, on a farm or in church?  Are your guests staying all night or are they relaxing in a cozy, romantic room with candles and champagne?  With the vision of your wedding in mind, you can list the mood and even the style of your big day — casual, formal, romantic, vintage or just plain fun!

The Wedding Colours

The hues of your wedding are very important and it unifies the elements of the occasion.  Many brides get themselves confused whether the colours make the theme itself.  The truth is, the wedding colour is not the theme, and choosing your colours simply follows after or enhances the theme.

Say you wanted your wedding to appear “vintage,” then you have to select a colour palette that can justify that vintage look.  If you are going for a season-inspired wedding, like autumn for example, then hues of oranges and gold would be your best bet.

Show the “YOU”

It is your day, and it is your time to shine.  Show who you are through the details that will make your personality stand out.  Your wedding theme can be based on your fashion, favourites, and likes.

Do you to like to glam-up with a vintage-inspired dress; or look like a fairy princess in a garden wedding?  What about a “posh” look in a beautiful cocktail dress on the beach?  The way that you envision what you are going to wear, what you look like over-all, can be the starting point in choosing your wedding theme.

The Meaning of the Day

Your wedding theme can be a personalized abstract of your hobbies and interests as a couple.  You can incorporate your favourite foods, drinks, games or a book into the wedding.  For example, if you both love hanging out at the beach, fishing or playing beach volleyball, you can create a summer-inspired wedding out of these ideas.

The key in deciding your wedding them is pulling together all the things that matter to you most.  Create a list of all the ideas, pick the top things that you love and start thinking about an idea that will allow you to incorporate ’em all.

Your wedding day is a very special occasion.  Plan it well and enjoy every moment of it.  After the event, what will remain are the memories (and photographs) that you can treasure for a lifetime as a couple and family.

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