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Reasons to Invest with NightinGail . . .

Why Should We Invest . . .

. . . in photography with NightinGail?  Well, there are a couple of reasons that we think are really important.

The ONLY tangible things that remain as years go by are the pictures!

The moment as you start your lives together, you should consider documenting YOUR ENGAGEMENT with a photo session.  This is, after all, the beginning of your family and what better way to start!

Then -- THE WEDDING -- which is probably, without a doubt, the most important event in your lives.  This day requires lots of planning to work out everything that you hope to achieve.  The only take-away after the food has been eaten, the dancing is over, the bouquets are dead, the guests are gone and your wedding gown has been cleaned and put away are THE PHOTOS.  Investing in a quality, experienced, professional wedding photographer will insure that those photos will be beautiful and stand the test of time.  

Photographing YOUR FAMILY as it grows from that very first maternity session until the kids leave for college creates a pictorial history of lives together.  As we all know, life changes on a daily basis and having beautiful wall art of those highlights of life really say volumes without speaking a word.  And don't forget getting pictures with those important older members of your family -- time flies by so quickly!

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“Photography is a magical kind of art that allows people to preserve time and moments, and to describe the world the way they see it.” (Sahara Sanders)

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