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We will bet on it!  Choosing a photographer for any type of service is a BIG DEAL!

To try and make things a little easier for you, we have put together some information that we get asked about a lot of the time -- like What Happens? or most common questions and now, how do you protect our information?  If there is something else that you need to ask us, just give me a call at (705) 999-3154 or text me at 705-854-9422.  Our regular contact form also works well.

Just remember that not every photographer is the RIGHT one for you.  All we can say is that you should look at a few websites, check out the photographer's style, make a few calls and narrow your choice down to three or four who you think might work well with you.  One big thing to remember is that the great photographers book up quickly -- usually a year to eighteen months in advance -- we are already booking dates two years out!

Then set up a Skype or Messenger video chat or telephone call with those finalists and see if you are on the same page.  After all, your photographer is going to be working with you and your family --

  • Are they pleasant and easy to chat with?  
  • Do they "get" you?
  • Can they listen without interrupting your train of thought?
  • You will be comparing "apples" to "oranges" in most cases so be aware that not every photographer can provide the same things for the same money.
  • Will they put your discussion into written form before you decide to work with them, i.e. a quotation or an estimate?

There are lots more things that you can discuss -- and, also remember, while you are interviewing your potential photographer -- most of the photographers will be also interviewing you.  Just because you LOVE this photographer, they might not see you as a good fit for their style or studio.  This is always a two-way street!

Just as another FYI, we want clients who value photography.  Doesn't mean that we won't work with those smaller budgets -- we do all the time.  What is important to us is that we "click!"

“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” . . . (Ansel Adams)

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