Under $20 Date Ideas!


Date nights should be a regular part of every couple’s routine — no matter whether you are newlyweds or great-grandparents — you need some time to celebrate each other.  Sometimes, though, a nice evening out doesn’t always fit well into your budget.  These special evenings don’t have to make you go for broke!  Let’s get creative with some affordable and fun ideas that may inspire your next date night!

  1. Take a bike ride through your neighbourhood, on the beach or in the park.  (Bring along a small picnic if that works for both of you!)
  2. Try a new coffee shop early on Saturday before the brunch crowd arrives.
  3. Try a new excercise routine together — you know — “Sweating to the Oldies” — if that is something that works for both parties.
  4. Pack a lunch and take a hike through the forest or on a trail.
  5. Go roller blading — splurge on a pizza and a drink afterwards — you earned it!
  6. Make a simple dinner at home, pack it up along with a cheap bottle of wine and head off to a free outdoor concert or movie!  (Nothing free in your neighbourhood?  Park somewhere with a view!
  7. Visit a flea market or antique shop and pick up some inexpensive treasures that you both like.
  8. Try something new at Starbucks or Timmies!
  9. Shop together at the local farmers’ market and buy all the ingredients for a delicious lunch that you can craft together.
  10. Binge-watch a new series on Netflix or Google Play.
  11. Try bowling.  Have a small prize for the most strikes (or gutter balls)!
  12. Tour a local museum.
  13. Take a walk downtown and grab dinner from a food truck.
  14. Meet at the best “Happy Hour” local bar and have a couple of undwindy drinks after work.
  15. Splurge and go out for ice cream!  Try a new flavour.
  16. Download an audio book and start your own personal book club!
  17. Log onto YouTube and take turns watching your favourite music videos!  You can also find some crazy cat and dog videos that are always good for a laugh!
  18. Take a lounge on the beach.  Relaxing in the sun can work wonders for you both.
  19. Research your next vacation (or home improvement project) on-line with a nice bottle of wine.
  20. Go to Wonderland (or the EX) and have a friendly midway competition.  You know you have already won the big prize – your partner!

Go out and have fun!  We’d love to hear about your reasonably priced, unique date nights!

Just leave a comment below — we’d love to hear from you –thanks in advance!



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