10 Little Things That Tell Your Your Partner You Appreciate Them!


Making sure that your spouse or significant other feels treasured and love is the NUMBER ONE thing to ensure that your relationship will last.  To boost this bond and make sure that your other half keeps feeling this way, try one or all of these easy things to show them how much they mean to you.  Even the smallest gestures can go a long way!

Bring your partner coffee in bed.  For all who really, really need that kick of caffeine first thing in the a.m., having someone bring you coffee is the kindest thing that could ever happen.  Besides, if you are going to the kitchen to get your own cup of joe, it’s so easy to pull another mug out of the cupboard for your partner.  Be sure to make it exactly the way that she or he likes it — just to show how much you care!

Say “Thank You.”  Sounds a bit silly but when was the last time that you really said that to your partner (and meant it)?  From paying half the bills to being your other half, your partner deserves to hear how much they are appreciated.  Showing your gratitude is a great (and super easy) way to strengthen your relationship.  What could be better than making your partner feel loved and valued?

Take over dishwashing duty.  Maybe you and your spouse have a deal — you cook and she/he cleans up.  However, if your loved one has had a really stressful week, help them take a load off by taking over their nightly tasks, even if only for one night.  When you’re having a bad week, you know that your partner will be there for you.

Use the gift your partner brought you.  Perhaps your partner got you a new piece of kitchen equipment or new headphones for your last birthday … but you’ve been too busy to even take the present out of the box.  Make a point of putting whatever the item is to use — he or she will be happy to see you trying out the gift.

Offer a foot massage.  A spontaneous foot massage during your next movie night on the couch can go a long way toward making your partner feel special.  Of course, they will more than likely reciprocate with a massage for you.  What a win-win!

Ask your partner for advice.  Everyone likes feeling needed and some really live to problem-solve (usually the guys).  If this sounds like your partner, make him or her feel invaluable by asking their opinion of something that you’re having issues with, i.e. workplace politics, or something simple like investments or savings.  Even if she or he doesn’t have all the right answers, they’ll  like being shown that you value their opinions.

Let your partner sleep in.  Whether you both have to get up in the morning to let the dog out or move your car, give your partner the opportunity to catch another 40 winks while you take charge of the duty that gets you out of bed.  Truly, that is love!

Run an errand for your partner.  If your partner keeps mentioning, often, that she or he has been meaning to pick up the dry cleaning or purchase some items, but the task just keeps slipping their mind.  Show them you care by doing whatever it is — they’ll be more than thankful for having one less item on their to-do-list.

Give your partner a day off.  When you can, volunteer to take care of the kids for the entire day.  Let your partner enjoy a lazy, quiet morning with a good book or head off for a day of shopping with her girlfriends or him, hang out with the guys and go to a game.  This tells your partner that you appreciate all they do by taking over their tasks.

Make dinner.  Nothing tells your partner that she is appreciated more than by “making” dinner.  Granted it can be a simple as bringing home her favourite pizza or take-out.  Of course, if you like to cook — a simple, home-cooked meal — will make her heart melt.

There are many other options and we’d love to hear some of the special things that you and your partner plan to show how much you appreciate each other.  Just e-mail me or leave us a comment below so we can add them to our “Tips” list.



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